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The Gingersnap Girls Foundation
101 Ivandale Road
Hamilton, VA 20158


Please see our Sponsorship Opportunities for details on how you can help and visit our resident animals.

Please “like” and follow us on Facebook:

Chris' Hope House for The Gingersnap Girls Foundation page – Chris' Hope House will have a wide variety of wonderful items that will be used to raise funds for the horses. Items will include antiques, vintage items, tack (saddles, bridles, etc.), turn-out blankets, furniture, gently worn riding clothes & boots, horse-themed gift items, and equine art work.

The Gingersnap Girls Equine Education & Rescue Foundation group – This will be where we will have the day to day activities of what GGF is doing. This group is for the people who want to be closely involved with GGF and our current and ongoing projects. This group is for like-minded individuals who want to help the horses in a positive way. This will be updated every couple of days on average.

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