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Donations In Lieu of Gifts or Flowers

How You Can Help

Shades of the Earth Poem

Bres and Bob Payton (our treasurer)

Bres is a retired racehorse/broodmare that has "behavioral issues" and is a permanent resident of the founation

Shades of the Earth

Against every season's landscape
From summer's green to winter's bare limbs,
I have watched these three souls
Learn to trust again, and become friends

They came from very different places
And to me at different times,
But from the moment I saw each brown eye,
I knew I was theirs and they were mine.

I will never know who once taught one to be so loving,
Or who gave confidence to the one so bold and sure,
Or the man who inflicted such pain
That the third one had to endure.

I can never know how their spirits have preserver ed,
Or what their eyes have seen
But, my thanks will always be to those who spared them
From what their fates would have been.

For myself, I only know what joy they bring,
And how I want their lives only filled with bliss,
And, I only know they are my "Shades of the Earth",
Know to my heart as Calypso, Flag, and Chris...

M.A. Mercer

Donations - How You Can Help

Donate via PayPal:
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Matching Challenge
– Open Ended until we reach Goal of $2500

Please Help Us!

Sarah Hughes and family are offering an open ended matching challenge for $2500, as $2500 is our basic monthly operating expense. Sponsorships are not included in the matching.
If we reach our goal of $2500, it will mean $5000 for us.
Meaning 2 months of operating expenses while we work on
additional fundraising opportunities in order to care for those already with us.

We would like all to know that $5 helps us - it really does.

Donations over the past few months have been very low and our reserves (what we had) have been used up.

If you can spare $5, it will help.
All donations may be
made via Paypal or snail mail
(must be postmarked by September 4th).

Mail - GGF,
101 Ivandale Road
Hamilton VA 20158
Paypal - info@gingersnapgirls.org

Click here to donate

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible.

Paypal Address: info@gingersnapgirls.org
Mailing Address: 101 Ivandale Road Hamilton, VA 20158

Donations to Help Us with Veterinary Costs:


If you would like to donate directly to our vets, they have requested that you may do so by credit card only. Haymarket Veterinary Service, 703-754-3309 or Blue Ridge Veterinary Assoc 540/338-PETS. You have only to tell the vets office that you are donating toward The Gingersnap Girls account.

GGF, 101 Ivandale Rd
Hamilton, VA 20158
OR donate above via a secure link to Paypal

Thank you.

As the Gingersnap Girls Foundation is dedicated to helping the neediest of equines that, quite often, means the sickest and most debilitated.

The Foundation has been unusually hard hit this past nine months. We have taken in several horses who have required and some who continue to require extensive medical assistance. Though we are fortunate to have veterinarians who are kind enough to offer us discounts, we are still in dire need of monetary donations to help defray some of our staggering veterinary bills.

We always want to stress that even $1.00 helps us! Please consider helping us in this way and know that you are doing your part to help end animal abuse.

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation needs your help in the rescue process. In order to save one horse, the Gingersnap Girls has a bare bones expenditure of approximately $350. This initial cost includes the following: trailering to our facility, hay and grain for the first few weeks, preliminary veterinary care to include vaccinations, and corrective farrier care. As noted, this $350 is bare bones care. Many of our horses require extensive and/or prolonged veterinary medical services to help them recover from the neglect, abuse, and/or starvation from which they have been rescued.

Please help us to continue helping these less fortunate creatures by donating whatever amount you can. And know that you have done your part to help in the fight to end animal abuse.

Donations In Lieu of Gifts or Flowers

Looking for the perfect gift or remembrance? Why not give something that everyone can feel good about AND benefits a charity? The Gingersnap Girls Foundation welcomes donations in lieu of gifts or flowers. The Foundation will accept and process checks received as donations, send acknowledgements to donors, and will track and provide a detailed list of donors to the married couple or grieving family.


To set up The Gingersnap Girls Foundation as your charity of choice, please e-mail Ann at donations@gingersnapgirls.org or please call 540/338-5218.

In your announcement, please direct readers to www.gingersnapgirls.org for more details.

Checks should be made out to The Gingersnap Girls Foundation and should be mailed as follows:

The Gingersnap Girls donation for (name of party/funeral)
C/o Ann Mercer
101 Ivandale Road
Hamilton, VA 20158

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation will do the following:

List the event on our website with a page and form for making donations

Will maintain this donation site for one month after this event

Send acknowledgement letters to donor (with information on how their donation will benefit abandoned, neglected, abused horses)

Will provide the married couple or grieving family with detailed list of donors in a keepsake folder

Your Donation will help in so MANY WAYS

• Equine Rescue Groups - a portion of monies raised will go to assist non-profit equine rescue groups who are working at the grassroots level; those who are going to livestock auctions to purchase the most helpless, ill, elderly and bring them back to the safety of their shelters to either rehabilitate or humanely euthanize.

• Education - the main goal of the Gingersnap Girls Equine Education and Rescue Foundation is to EDUCATE the general public to the plight of many horses, ponies, donkeys, and burros who have either been cast aside or, many times even worse, suffering horrible abuse at the hands of man. If we bring awareness about the situations, we have more eyes and ears to help protect these beautiful animals.

• Care - At the present time, the Gingersnap Girls has room for only 6 horses at a time. Because of the tremendous need, we must seek out foster homes in order to continue our rescue work. In the future, we would like to have our own shelter with slightly larger facilities. Large or small, your kind, tax-deductible donation will help us reach our goal.


The three Gingersnap Girls were each rescued by people who were not afraid to involve themselves in helping them. They were not professional "horse people", just people who saw something wrong and did something about it.

Someone Helped These Girls ... YOU can help, too -
Everyone is part of the solution!

Through this foundation we hope to educate everyone - not just the equine community - that there are agencies, individuals, county governments, and local human and rescue groups to call when you see something that doesn't look "just right."

How You Can Help

• Download and help distribute our brochure, and let people know about our foundation. Download Our Brochure (large file in PDF format)

Participate in our Southern States "Bag Tag" (proof of purchase) Program

Attend our Annual Fund Raising Events or donate items to be auctioned or given as door prizes.

• Don't patronize businesses that over breed horses and then send their unwanted equines to slaughter.

• Check out riding academies and camps - find out where their "used up" horses go. There are humane operations - take the time to find them!

• For estrogen replacement therapy, ask your doctor about one of the numerous alternatives to Premarin, including Cenestin, a new plant-based form of conjugated estrogens.

• DON'T breed your horse: rescue one - from camps, riding academies, race tracks, a local equine rescue shelter, etc. You could save a horse from ending up as "dinner", while gaining a new best friend.

• Don't buy articles made from horse hide, i.e. "Corinthian leather", clothing and accessories made from "Pony Skin", and brushes and other items made from horse hair.

• Before attending an auction, familiarize yourself with all animal HEALTH, TRANSPORTATION, and CRUELTY laws in your state.

If you see a horse who is in poor condition, and/or having no food, shelter, or water, please contact your local animal control office which is listed in the telephone book.

• Document all violations effectively and report them to local law enforcement. Getting laws enforced will cost the offenders money and help prevent suffering.

• Support efforts in your state to oppose horse slaughter.

REMEMBER: You do not have to be a "horse person" to know when something is inhumane and just plain wrong. Contact your local animal control office if you see any abuse.

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