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Matching Challenge
– Open Ended until we reach
Goal of $2500

Sarah Hughes and family are offering an open ended matching challenge for $2500, as
$2500 is our basic monthly operating expense. Sponsorships are not included in the matching.
If we reach our goal of $2500, it will mean $5000 for us.
Meaning 2 months of operating expenses while we work on
additional fundraising opportunities in order to care for those already with us.
We would like all to know that $5 helps us - it really does.

Donations over the past few months have been very low and our reserves (what we had) have been used up.

If you can spare $5, it will help.
All donations may be
made via Paypal or snail mail
(must be postmarked by September 4th).

Mail - GGF,
101 Ivandale Road
Hamilton VA 20158
Paypal - info@gingersnapgirls.org

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to these wonderful companies for their continued support:

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